About Joy


. BSc (Hons) Homeopathic Medicine

. RSHom Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths.

.PCH Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy – Diploma in Advanced Homeopathic Studies at Dynamis School of Homeopathy

. Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy – Orion School of Homeopathy

. Shamanic Practitioner:

. Shamanic Training – 9 years UK

. Shamanic Training – 2 years Ireland

.  SAP Sacred Art Practitioner and certified Sacred Art Facilitator

. MBACP Member of British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists: Diploma Person Centred Counselling

. MBRA Member British Reflexology Association

. Plant Spirit Medicine – certified. 4 year Apprenticeship in The Way of the Wise Healer

.Plant Spirit Medicine healer and facilitator of workshops

.Foresight pre-conception Practitioner

A change of career from accountancy in 1995 led me to work in the holistic field of healthcare, initially gaining various qualifications in aromatherapy and sports massage (IIHHT). I subsequently trained as a reflexologist with the Bayley School of Reflexology and became a registered member of the The British Reflexology Association (MBRA) working both in private practice and in the NHS. Whilst working in this field, I became very interested in homeopathy….


As a mother of five grown up children, I was concerned about the side effects of conventional medicine on my family when my children were growing up. My youngest children – twins (aged 2 at the time) developed a chronic bowel problem that became progressively worse over the next couple of years which their conventional medication wasn’t resolving. I also felt the root cause of the problem wasn’t being addressed. With the help of homeopathy the condition resolved itself completely.

I became a homeopath 23 years ago because I was drawn to the gentle, holistic and non-invasive approach of homeopathy and it made so much sense to me working with the body, listening to its signs and symptoms and treating the underlying causes rather than suppressing the symptoms.

I subsequently trained at the University of Central Lancashire gaining a BSc (Hons) degree in classical Homeopathic medicine, undergoing extensive educational and clinical training in homeopathy and allied sciences.

I am a Registered Member of The Society of Homeopaths; the largest regulatory body of professional homeopaths in the UK which is dedicated to maintaining high standards amongst its members. All members adhere to the Society’s strict code of ethics and practice and are fully insured.

I am a qualified teacher and trained supervisor of homeopathic students and completed a two year course in naturopathic nutrition to complement my practice. I am committed to continuing professional development, regularly attending numerous conferences, seminars and courses:

I completed post graduate training for three years with Madeline Evans, author of Meditative Provings, using chakras as a framework for facilitating deep emotional healing and was part of a group that regularly took part in homeopathic provings. I then completed a further two year Advanced Diploma at the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathic Studies. I went on to gain an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy from the Orion School of Homeopathy. I have a particular interest in the ‘Sensation Method’ as formulated by Dr Rajan Sankaran and the Bombay team of homeopaths.

As a qualified person centred counsellor, I integrate these skills into my style of practice both in casetaking and supervision; supervising students and homeopaths for both the North West College of Homeopathy and the Society of Homeopaths.

My special interests lie with the treatment of children and also womens’ hormonal health ie. fertility, menopause, period problems etc. and nutrition and I am a practitioner for Foresight pre-conception care. However my general practice encompasses people of all ages with a wide variety of conditions – very much a practice for the whole family.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner having trained both in Ireland and in the UK completing firstly a two year followed by a three year training in core and classical shamanism in the UK. Alongside this I spent a further six years training in bee shamanism working with the womb as a vessel for alchemy.

As  well as Homeopathy and Shamanism my passions are sacred art where I facilitate Sacred Art workshops, textiles, organic gardening and plant spirit medicine, having spent five years completing an apprenticeship in Plant Spirit Medicine with medicine woman and medical herbalist Carole Guyette at Derrynagittah in Ireland.

My practice has grown, largely by word of mouth treating people in Merseyside, Lancashire and the North West initially and also in Devon on Dartmoor. In recent years I have been treating people all over the UK and internationally.  I offer consultations both in person and via Skype or Zoom. I run homeopathic first aid courses and workshops and am available for talks to groups/societies.

My aim is to help people achieve a better quality of life through increased wellbeing and achieve freedom from limitations so they can fulfil their true potential.