Customer satisfaction has been an essential factor in the growth of the business.

The following are some quotes of what my patients have said about their experience of homeopathy and the reason they sought out homeopathy in the first place.  Full names have been removed for purposes of confidentiality.

Please note: These testimonials do not represent evidence, but are the personal opinion of the patients I have treated.

Homeopathy has really changed my life. It”s been such a positve experience I just wish I had found it years ago. Firstly I was experiencing dreadful anxiety when diagnosed with a chronic illness plus awful daily headaches. I was already on strong prescribed medication which was essential and I suffered the side effects of these. I also had a phobia of hospitals. I searched for anything to help myself and found homeopathy. The wonderful thing that once the homeopath gave me the right remedy then relief from all the above conditions followed. I can’t thank my homeopath Joy enough. Wonderful experience. You can’t put a good price on good health.”  D.D. Merseyside 

I first looked into homeopathy when my son developed really bad eczema at around 12 months old.  The situation became steadily worse and flared up at least once a month. The GP prescribed antibiotics and steroid creams and he became prone to stomach bugs, colds and there were lots of behavioural issues. I did lots of research into other ways of helping with the problem and came across homeopathy. I didn’t really have anything to lose so I thought I’d give it a try.  The first meeting with Joy was a revelation.
I was always a believer in a holistic approach to health and I was delighted that I’d found a professional that took this approach, but without the absolutism that we have come to expect in the media.  My son’s eczema cleared within a couple of months of going to Joy for the first time. Two years later it has shown no sign of returning.  He is a healthy, active, independent and loving little boy that despite being exposed to all sorts of bugs at nursery, hasn’t caught one or had a cold for nine months. My husband and I later had consultations with Joy. She has helped me immensely with depression and my husband with psoriasis”  E.P. Lancashire

“I started seeing Joy following a recommendation from a friend, as I was struggling with emotional and physical symptoms as a result of menopause. The combination of her wise, warm and intuitive enquiry during Zoom sessions and her skill as a prescribing homeopath are creating some extraordinary positive changes in my overall health: I am experiencing a greater sense of wellbeing and peace, a deeper understanding of myself and my journey through life and a renewed sense of energy. I find it hugely reassuring that I have access to Joy’s support and wisdom during this transitional time and it gives me great confidence that I can continue to be healthy and well in the years to come” S.H-S. Devon 

“I experienced lack of periods for 9 months following the birth of my child. After visiting Joy and receiving a homeopathic remedy my periods returned and I have now had regular periods since the initial treatment. I am absolutely delighted with this and recommend Joy’s expertise to anyone.”   Mrs C. Liverpool

  “I took my 8-year-old daughter for homeopathic treatment as she was suffering from many fears, lack of confidence and exhibiting obsessive-compulsive behaviour. My daughter found Joy very easy to talk to. Joy used light humour to deflect issues that my daughter ordinarily would find difficult to speak about. After a few consultations and homeopathic remedies, she is now a happy and confident child. I wouldn’t hesitate to take her back to visit Joy in the future should it be necessary.”    Mrs H. Merseyside

“I was booked into hospital for a hysterectomy the following week and went along for a homeopathic consultation to ease my anxiety about the operation. I felt so much calmer after taking the homeopathic remedies. Joy also gave me remedies to take after the operation to help my recovery and my recovery was indeed very speedy. I was out of hospital within 48 hours much to the surprise of the doctors and nurses!”.    J.H. Merseyside

“I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for many years and had been taking conventional medication with no significant improvement in my state of health. I was recommended to see Joy Ellis and since having homeopathic consultations and the remedies that were prescribed to me, I have noticed a huge improvement in my confidence and happiness. I feel I can challenge myself to do more day to day things that previously I would not have been able to do. A big major change is that I have started a new job after many years of not being able to work. I will continue to use homeopathy should any further problems arise.”    J.N. Lancashire

“A painful and debilitating bowel condition led me to seek homeopathic help. The medical prognosis had been steroids and an operation so I decided to try homeopathy before embarking on the advised course of action. I noticed a steady improvement over the next few months seeing Joy for homeopathic treatment on a monthly basis. I am delighted to say that I didn’t need to start on the steroids after all. She also gave me excellent advice regarding dietary and lifestyle changes to maintain the improvement. 2 ½ years on, I feel fit and healthy and now suffer no bowel symptoms whatsoever”. P.E. Southport